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Forms to be emailed to Lori Walker

Payment by Pay Pal or mail:  Must be able to cash before May 24th.

Obstacle Challenge


Beginner Challenge

1. Tina Hammonds  Riding Zansadashin

2. Brenda Mosakowski Riding Abby  Paid/form

3. Brenda Mosakowski Riding Chance Paid/form

4. Chelese Beck Riding __________ Paid/need form












Intermediate Challenge

1. Kristen Tankersly Patriot's Sonic Blast Z ("Chief") Form/need payment















Advanced Challenge

















Everyone must sign a waiver and mail in form with waiver.  Email for both.

Rules & Information Below


1.  Is there a lead line?

No, but the obstacle challenge will be left up for the entire time after the challenge.  Stan Smith will do a clinic then it will be open for anyone to work on obstacles.

2.  Is there a time limit?

Yes, it can be a tie breaker.  See rules below.

3.  Is there an age limit?  

Yes, 12 and up only.

4.  How do I pay?

You can pay via pay pal or mail your payment.  If we have openings at the fair, CASH only.


Additional Information



Horse N Buddy (HNB) presents: Obstacle Challenge 2019 at Calico Fort Horse & Country Fair May 25th Fort Deposit, AL. 36032

Check In: Saturday - Horse N Buddy Booth
8:00 a.m. - Walkthrough 9:00 a.m. – Event begins DIVISIONS 

Obstacle Challenge – An outdoor wooded area obstacle challenge. Course is judged on the performance of the horse and rider at each obstacle. Obstacles can be natural or unnatural; anything that is safe for a horse and rider can be an obstacle in this division. There is a time limit, with time acting as a tiebreaker. 

Classes offered Beginner (12 & up) Moderate (17 & up): Advanced (17 & up) 

Rider must pick the one class that is appropriate for their age and ability. 

Riders may compete with as many horses as they want in their chosen class. 

Riders who have received payment for training or lessons, or have won any obstacle challenge in the last year with the same horse, or has competed as a professional in the last five years are not eligible for the Moderate class and must compete in the Advanced class. 

Please do not ride in the Novice or Intermediate class if you and your horse are competitive at the Advanced or Open level. 

HNB can move a competitor to a different class if it is unanimously agreed that the rider/horse team is not competing in the correct class for their capabilities. The list of participants are above.  If anyone see's someone in the wrong category, let us know.

The same horse may NOT enter into a DIFFERENT class with a DIFFERENT rider. 

Beginner (12 and older) – This class is for riders ages 12 and up who are beginners at obstacle challenges. The obstacle course will consist of 7 obstacles appropriate for Moderate riders.  There will be a 8 minute time limit. Riders will wait at the beginning of each section for the judge's signal to begin. You may only try 3 times at each obstacle. 

Moderate – This class is for beginner/intermediate adult riders who are 17 and older. The obstacle course will consist of 8 obstacles appropriate for beginner/intermediate riders in a wooded area. There will be an 8 minute time limit. Riders will wait at the beginning for judge’s signal to begin. You may only try 3 times at each obstacle. 

Advanced – This class is for advanced or professional riders. It will be a challenging course with advanced obstacles. The obstacle course will consist of 10 obstacles appropriate for Advanced riders and/or horses, in a wooded area. The course will have a 10 minute time 

limit. Riders will wait at the beginning of each section for the judge's signal to begin. You may only try 3 times at each obstacle. 

Prior to starting the competition there will be a walkthrough to view the course, discuss the obstacles and go over the rules. 

Entries will not be allowed to ride or bring their horse onto the course before the competition. 


Entry Fees are $55.00 per class. Beginner & Intermediate $65 per Advanced. 

Entries do not have to be from or a resident of the State of Alabama. 

Included in your entry fee is entrance to the Horse & Country fair for 2 days. 

Entry Deadline is Saturday May 18th but once the class is full, we will close the class. Please DO NOT mail entries after this date. 

Contact the Lori Walker or 334-202-4425. 

You may withdraw from your class with a refund by Saturday May 18th.
Late Registration is available, provided there is space, at the Fair for an extra $10.00. Order of go will be random and riders will get numbers at 8am walkthrough.
Riders must be ready to ride when they are called to start their course.
All riders under 18 must wear a helmet.
It is strongly recommended that ALL riders wear a helmet!
Please send your completed Entry Form and Liability Form with check made out to: 

Lori Walker
1219 Fort Deposit Rd.
Fort Deposit, Alabama 36032
Contact Lori Cummings 334-202-4425 with any questions. 


 Advanced - 1st - Trophy: One week horse training with David Lee Archer: $700 gift: Horse Massage Melody McNamara $70 gift: Gift Certificate from Best Ever Saddle Pads: $75 & Hat: $10. Custom Flashy Tack Halter & Rope: $100  Horse Portrait by Monica Yother $200 Uckele Products $35 The Ranch Fly Trap $20: Champion T-shirt

Moderate - 1st - Trophy: Horse Massage Melody McNamara $70 gift: Gift Certificate from Best Ever Saddle Pads $75 & Hat $10 Uckele Products $35 Ranch Fly Trap $20. Gift Certificate for $50 to Monica Yother Portraits. Champion T-shirt

Beginner: Trophy: 1st  Uckele Products $35 Ranch Fly Trap $20 Gift Certificate for $50 to Monica Yother Portraits. Champion T-shirt.

2nd & 3rd place: trophies


 8:00am - Walkthrough
9:00 am - Advanced
(Awards after class finish)

11:00 am- Intermediate
(Awards after class finish)
12:30* - Break for Lunch, Morning Class Awards 1:00* - Beginner 

(Awards after class finish)
* These times depend upon the number of entries. 


Obstacle Challenge Division - The obstacle course will have a total of 7-10 obstacles (depending on the class) each obstacle is worth 10 points each and the rider will be able to earn an extra 10 possible points for horsemanship plus 5 extra points if they finish in the time allowed. 

There is a 8-10 minute time limit (depending on class) and will receive a score of 0 did not finish course and a 5 if finished in time allowed. 

This will give the rider a total of 8 or 10 minutes to complete the course (depending on the class) . The timekeeper will announce the 2 minute, 1 minute and 30 second mark so a rider/lead line knows where they stand. 

When time is up, rider must leave the course. 

Horses will be judged at each obstacle for their willingness and skill at correctly completing the obstacle, and the riders will be judged on their skill and horsemanship at handling and maneuvering their horse through the obstacle. 

A score of 0 is only awarded when an obstacle is skipped, done out of order, the rider begins before the judge's signal, or the horse/rider team becomes dangerous (i.e. rearing, bucking, etc.). 

The Horsemanship score will reflect the softness and effectiveness of the rider’s cues while guiding their horse through the course on a scale of 0 to 5. Improper use of cues, spurring, use of whips, poor equitation, or any show of poor sportsmanship or horsemanship will receive a lesser score. Each entry’s total ride time will be recorded by the timekeeper and will be used as a tiebreaker for multiple entries with the same score. If it is still a tie, a tie breaker will be done with the final 3 obstacles in the challenge. 

If a rider falls off they are disqualified from that class, and no longer eligible to place. They will be allowed to finish the course, but will receive no scores. 

A judge or event manager can ask a person to leave the premises if any treatment of a horse is deemed inhumane. 

Scores will reflect excessive force, or excessive use of spurs, whips, etc. 

In the event of a tie, judges can make riders re-do 3 obstacles and re judge for tie brakes on all the same areas judged during course.

Inappropriate language or a show of poor sportsmanship will be grounds for disqualification. A judge has the right to dismiss any rider at any time. 


It is up to the rider the type of saddle, bridle and bit, halter, hackamore, gear and equipment to be used. 

Riders must have something on their horses head. No bridleless riding.
Training devices such as martingales (standing, running, etc.) and tie downs are not allowed. 

Any other form of head restraint other than a bridle is not permitted. 

Rider and horse turnout will not be a part of the rider/horse team’s score. “Show Attire” is not required, but rider and horse should have a neat appearance and must have on long pants and boots. Their number must be pinned on their back for judges to see clearly. 

Use of crop and spurs at the rider’s discretion. 

Riders may choose to ride bareback, but this will not be reflected in the rider’s score. Safety is always a priority and an unbalanced or out of control rider will receive lower scores or may be excused. 

Helmets are required for riders under 18 years of age. Adult riders may choose not to wear a helmet, however use of a helmet is always strongly recommended and a waiver must be signed stating that you have been informed of the protection provided by use of a helmet and have chosen not to use one. 

Parents are responsible for monitoring 12-18 years. There are a lot of horses and riders everywhere and we don’t want any children wandering into danger. 

No cantering/loping or trotting horses in the common areas (trailer parking area, etc.) Please limit canter/lope and trot work to the designated warm-up areas only. 

All entries must sign a liability release form and must provide a current coggins. All minors must have release signed by a parent or guardian. 

All breeds of horses, mules and donkeys may ride in the competition. Well behaved stallions are welcome to compete; however the Event Manager and /or judges retain the right to dismiss any horse whose behavior is deemed unsafe. 


Competition will be held at Calico Fort in Fort Deposit, AL. This is an uncovered wooded area. 

RV facilities are available for $25 a night but no stalls are available. (Bring portable) 

Campsites available email for information.
Entries may bring their own props and/or equipment for practicing. 

Arrival/Departure: Friday, May 24 after 12 Noon and must be cleared by Monday, May 27, 2019 at 8 A.M. 

Dogs must be kept on a 6ft or shorter leash and must be restrained at all times. Owners will be responsible for cleaning up after their pets, controlling their pets, and will accept responsibility for their behavior and actions. 

Veterinary and Farrier services will be available for hire during the fair. 

Horse N Buddy - Lori Walker

The show will have a designated show photographer. Everyone is welcome to take pictures for personal use or to share at the shows, however only the show photographer has the right to sell and make profit off of pictures of Horse N Buddy events.